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For many years now we have had to travel to different parts of the world to find the place that many of us would consider our home, a home away from home where we get to disconnect with the noise around us and connect with each other whilst reconnecting with ourselves.


We are working around the clock closely with people that have had a part in organising some of the biggest festivals in the world over the years, whilst working even closer to connect us to the artists that have all shaped the essence of our scene into what it is today. It's understandable that it is unbelievable that this is happening. Though to consider we are operating closely with Access All Areas which has been selling tickets since the 90's, since the birth of dance music in the UK, all tickets are refundable no matter the outcome, we do not personally hold anything. That being said it's important to also understand what we are doing here is not for the profit, it's for the love of the music. To have this opportunity to bring to the community a soundscape that we have never experienced before, in any festival.


Our passion drives us and pushes us forward because we know how important a festival like this is to us all and in our hearts, our community needs this and that's why we are here today. To bring to the stage something that's been set to happen since the dawn of trance. Not just have one stage at any particular event, instead a full-scale international psytrance festival dedicated to the dancers, the writers, the soundaholics we bring this with true interest and intention and we want to share that


We want to unleash what can be possible, we want to grow with everyone and bring a bigger show, an epic production. To have the chance to bring over the artists that we would all love to see and not just the most popular.


It's no surprise that orchestrating a festival on this island is one if the biggest challenges anyone could set out to do, the infrastructure needed to bring this all together is immense but fully possible.


The cost of our event production is even bigger on paper than anyone could predict. That being said, the ticket cost for the production level we want to bring evens out. We aren't charging through-the-roof prices or ridiculous camping fees. We want you to make it, we want this to happen and we want to live on! The most important part for us is that every one that is contributing to making this festival possible is paid for their experience and expertise. For this show to take place the only way that will become a reality is if we come together as a collective and make it happen, because if we won't do it, who else will?


Continue to support the growth of this and imagine with us the potential of what's about to come. This is a two-way street and we want to support you in any way possible. Times are tough and we don't want anyone to feel a struggle, so we have set up an instalment process to help secure your tickets at an easier rate, information can be found on the ticket site.


Events like this come and go all the time, but we are here to stay. All we can ask is that we all come together to make this dream into a reality.


With love, light and purpose


Your Existance Community

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